We are experts in studying new logistics chains that give rise to new biomass-based business lines, which includes considering the potential of the materials and waste available, how to process and adapt them, and all of the logistics required for distribution and marketing.

One of our most significant tasks in this field is helping agro-industries to adapt their activity and start producing biomass. The shift comes with plenty of advantages for them, such as more diversified business, putting waste to good use and securing jobs.

We also specialize in analysing biomass combustion systems, which allows us to study and validate the characteristics of a given type of biomass or combustion system and develop the most suitable improvements. The goal is to replace fossil fuel systems with biomass-powered systems.

In all of these tasks, our aim is to introduce new types of biomass and resources that have huge potential but are currently underused.


  • Designing solid biofuel biolers

We are working on designing and optimizing special boilers for each different kind of fuel by assessing consumption, soiling, emissions and operational issues to improve performance and maintenance.

  • Pretreatment of biomass and waste

We are looking for the best way to process these fuels so as to reduce combustion system investment and maintenance costs, as well as storage and transport expenses, while also improving quality and removing impurities and moisture.



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New biomass logistics chains for five farmers


CIRCE has helped five entrepreneurs to develop new logistics chains in their different farming businesses, which will mean diversifying their activity by developing a new business line for woody refuse gathered from pruning and clearing.

Public purchase of an innovation in olive pruning waste management


CIRCE was involved in designing, developing and prototyping a specific machine to shred olive tree pruning waste equipped with implements to load waste to be used as biomass or for other purposes.

A bioler using non-conventional biomass


The boiler manufacturers L. Solé and CIRCE have been working on developing a biomass boiler prototype that burns raw materials from emerging countries which usually pose combustion problems due to their composition and structure.