Ever since day one, our mission has been to boost competitiveness in production sectors, helping companies to grow with sustainability on their side.

In this ever-changing energy scenario, it is crucial for companies to adapt and seek new solutions to optimize their processes, boost efficiency and, all in all, gain a competitive advantage in their different sectors.


At CIRCE, we help companies at every stage of the innovation value chain, from generating ideas that respond to a specific need to turning those ideas into solutions that will have a place on the market, whether as products, services or know-how..

Part of our work here includes helping them to get the funding they need to bring their ideas to fruition by applying for the most suitable programmes. This also gives them a helping hand to start or consolidate their internationalization, which opens the doors to new business opportunities, fora and stakeholders.

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    Positioning and internationalization

    We assist companies wishing to get involved in the major research fora and programmes, both in Spain and around the world.

    Business models

    We come up with innovative solutions to the challenges that companies face and join them in developing R&D&aWe assist businesses in the process of digitization, transformation and reconversion, as well as developing new business opportunities.

    Funding for R&D&I

    We devise the best way to bring a company’s R&D&I work to fruition with the right funding programmes.

    Generating ideas

    We come up with innovative solutions to the challenges that companies face and join them in developing R&D&I projects.

    Specialized training

    We offer professional training and qualification programmes according to specific topics and requirements.

    Capitalizing on intangibles

    We help companies to create value and wealth by leveraging and promoting their intangible assets.

    Transferring technology

    We put a range of technological services at the disposal of companies to boost their competitiveness.


    We advise and support businesses in the implementation of their energy and environmental plans to reduce their footprint.

    Forward-looking innovation

    We stand behind companies developing innovative products and services that prove of special interest in socio-economic and environmental terms.

    Energy control centre for Endesa Malaga


    We have helped Endesa to develop a virtual platform that displays and controls energy flows from renewable sources and consumption points such as lighting systems or vehicle charging stations across the city of Malaga.

    Energy saving at a chemical plant


    We took care of analysing, modelling and conducting simulations at the DOW Chemical Iberia industrial plant in Tarragona using our own exergy analysis methodology. After studying inefficiency peaks, we found that the plant could achieve potential savings of €3 million per year.

    Implementing ISO 50,001 in agro-industry


    The Poultry and Livestock Farmers Co-Operative of Valencia was the first of 24 agro-industries to receive our help in a macro-project to implement a system that would boost their energy performance in terms of both energy consumption and process efficiency.