At CIRCE, we have built up a wealth of experience taking part in national research programmes along with businesses or other research centres who we guide through the process to achieve common goals.


Through these initiatives, we assist companies in applying for the funding they need to carry out their R&D&I activities, which helps to develop know-how, technology and innovative services that boost the competitiveness of the Spanish production sector.


euros raised for the partners of the projects we coordinate.

David Rodriguez Ochoa, Director Programas Públicos de CIRCE.


Director of Public Programs


“If you are interested in taking part in this research programme, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also get in touch with our Madrid delegation.”

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    Proposals financed in the Collaboration Challenges Program.
    Companies we collaborate with
    Projects (2014-2017)


    The main goal is to optimise the running of a mini vertical axis wind turbine and prove that this kind of technology can be used in electrical microgeneration.

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    The goal of this project focuses in the estimation, quantification and reduction of the carbon footprint of the products commercialized by DONODARE, along its whole value chain.

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    WATERLABS – Creating surroundings for experimentation in the city Dates: July 2010 – January 2012 Project web: http://www.zinnae.org/es/ejes-de-actuacion/proyectos-en-marcha/waterlabs Leader: CIRCE Grant agreement number:  Funded by DESCRIPTIONThanks to Waterlabs, the city of Zaragoza will become a great space for experimentation with new products, solutions and technologies for efficient use of water. Their impact will be visible…

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    As experts in preparing submissions for Collaboration Challenges and other funding programmes organized by CDTI, we at CIRCE are the perfect ally to guide you with the new projects you would like to fund through the new Cervera Network. The programme will share out €600 m as follows:

    • €500 m in credit for SMEs and mid-cap companies.
    • €80 m for a guarantee fund offering credit to companies.
    • €20 m in subsidies for a new Technology Centre programme.

    As well as our widespread international presence, CIRCE also plays an active role in domestic and regional associations and platforms. A significant example would be managing the Technical Secretariat for the Spanish Electric Grid Platform or having founded the Aragon Energy Cluster.

    Our involvement in these areas allows CIRCE to discover the trends in Spain’s national productive sectors and build closer ties with every link in the innovation chain, fostering synergies that will give rise to projects submitted to national research programmes.

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    Combined generation-storage charging station


    CIRCE has joined forces with Urbener and Pronimetal to develop an electric vehicle charging station featuring a renewable generation system, an energy storage system and three charging speeds. The prototype has already been installed at a service station in Zaragoza.

    Improving glass furnace operation


    CIRCE has developed a series of solutions for the multinational glass manufacturer Verallia so as to enhance the efficiency of their furnaces. The idea is based on monitoring combustion, measuring emissions and clearing away slag.

    Eco-efficient production in the drupe agro-industry


    The company Fincas Valleluz, with its 120 hectares of cherry trees, peach trees and other drupes, has turned to CIRCE for technical support in lessening its carbon and water footprint and to apply for an Organic Agriculture certificate so as to serve safe, harmless and environmentally friendly produce.