El centro tecnológico aragonés lidera el proyecto internacional polynSPIRE, financiado con 7,9 millones de euros por la Comisión Europea a través del programa H2020
CIRCE will host on March 19 an international event within the framework of the project to extend collaborations with the Aragonese business sector

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It gets worse and worse. In the culture of ‘using and throwing’, plastic remains the star material. Now, innovative initiatives such as the polynSPIRE project, led by the CIRCE Foundation and formed by 21 international partners (four technology centers, a university, nine large companies, five SMEs and two associations), are looking to turn the plastic value chain to through a set of innovative, sustainable and cost-effective recycling and recovery solutions.

Although the volume of recycled material in Europe has grown in recent years, production is growing faster. And there are still economic, technological and logistical barriers that hinder the deployment of a circular economy of plastic, which polynSPIRE aims to overcome. The objective of the project is to improve the efficiency in resources and energy required for the recycling of plastic waste from consumption and industry, hoping to treat more than 4.5 million tons in the next 20 years, thus reducing up to 45 million tons of CO2

PolynSPIRE works in chemical recycling by means of microwaves and intelligent magnetic materials and aims to promote the improvement of mechanical recycling through the use of vitromers, compatibilizer additives and high energy radiation. In addition to recycling techniques, polynSPIRE seeks to revalue low quality plastic waste using them as a carbon source and foaming agent in the steel sector.

Take advantage of synergies with the business fabric

To extend the collaboration in the project and take advantage of synergies, CIRCE will gather on March 19 in Zaragoza to various actors of the business community in order to share experiences and discover new opportunities to implement innovative, profitable and viable recycling processes. Those interested in participating in this business meeting can contact CIRCE via email info@polynspire.eu.


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