CIRCE, coordinator of CIRC-PACK project, will present the results of the project in this workshop, in which it has organized round tables to exchange ideas among the actors in the sector

The packaging sector began, many years ago, a change in its linear value chain model, towards a circular one, through the adoption of waste collection and recovery infrastructure. Despite having recycling ratios within the objectives set by the European Commission, the circulation of packaging could be considerably improved, so that Member States have committed to optimize this value chain.

In light of the above, Bumaga, a Dutch partner of the CIRC-PACK project, has organized the “Circular Packaging” workshop on October 31, in which the project partners and other interested companies will participate. The workshop includes presentations that address different parts of the packaging value chain, a practical exercise related to waste disposal and the study of a real case. These parts of the program aim to present the Dutch situation, which will be compared with the situation in other Member States of the Eruopea Union. The objective of the discussions is to exchange knowledge on how to optimize the circularity of packaging.

CIRCE, coordinator of this Horizon2020 project, will present the latest results achieved with the demonstration cases, as well as the social acceptance survey to be carried out. In addition, in a second part, three parallel focus groups (distributed in consumers, companies and public administration) will be organized to gather the interest and concerns of the stakeholders involved in the packaging value chain.

The objective is to analyze the social acceptance of the innovations applied during the project, the barriers to adopt new plastic containers and the regulation to promote the market acceptance of bio-based products.

Program: Workshop Circular Packaking

1. Welcome and introduction by Henrike Holwerda – Bumaga BV
2. CIRC-PACK H2020 Project: objective, state of the art and first results – CIRCE
3. Exercise: the complexities of the disposal of packaging waste.
4. Organization of packaging waste treatment by Hielke van den Brink – Stichting PRN
5. Challenges during recycling of packaging waste by Michiel Adriaanse – Bumaga BV
6. Case study: the search for circular packaging by Marijntje van Benthum – Van Eigen Deeg
7. Guidelines for the design of circular packaging by Karen van de Stadt – Dutch Institute for Sustainable Packaging
8. Comments on the exercise of Henrike Holwerda – Bumaga BV
9. Discussion on the optimization of the circularity of the packages.
10. Social acceptance and survey results – OCU
11. Focus Groups with representatives of the following stakeholders: companies, public administration and consumer associations.

Additional Information

Date: October 31, 2018
Place: Bumaga office, IJsselburcht 3, 6825 BS Arnhem