ECO-PROWINE - Life Cycle perspective for Low Impact Winemaking and Application in EU of Eco-innovative Technologies

  • Dates: September 2012 – September 2015
  • Leader: CIRCE
  • Grant agreement number: ECO/11/304386
  • Funded by



The proposed solution lies on getting available an LCA-LCC on-line tool, specialized for the wine chain production, that enables wine makers to perform a self-assessment of its wine making process, in order to detect environmental charges, impacts and costs, for each process stage. Afterwards, the tool will offer a tailored set of feasible techniques and options for improving the environmental performance of the wine making process in a cost effective way.

The assessment method will be tested throughout a coaching service addressed to a 105 of most motivated winemakers during the project who will also actively contribute to the tool improvement. Also, it will developed specific databases on practices, equipment, and products used in Europe for viticulture and winemaking activities. Additionally, the assessment method will be developed taking in consideration the need of defining labelling rules which will allow wine producers that have significantly improved their environmental performance to be recognized by final consumers through a specific logo to be applied on bottle labels and promotional documents.


Goals set in Eco-Prowine are focused in the Life Cycle Analysis of the wine production, in order to:

  • Minimise environmental impacts of wine production: Reduction of natural resources (water, raw materials), energy consumption, input of additives and co-adjuncts, quantity and pollution impact of wastes and wastewater and environment emissions (e.g. GHGs, nitrates) in the wine making process across its whole life cycle chain
  • Uptake and wide application of the Life Cycle and Cost Assessment (hereinafter LCA-LCC) methodology, which need incentives to penetrate significantly the market, in the wine making process
  • Implement cost-effective measures and technologies for improving, among others, wastewater, energy consumption, solid and gaseous residues and resource management
  • Develop a Life Cycle Wine Assessed label
  • Reinforce the commercial environmental appeal of the European wine
  • Foster compliance with the relevant regulatory framework


CIRCE will be responsible of the coordination and management of the project and will take part in different tasks throughout the project.

It will be in charge of the national implementation of Demonstration activities and will be the coaching service provider in Spain.

In addition, will contribute to the LCA-LCC tool adaptation and improvement, to the Label designing and to the exploitation and dissemination activities in Spain and Europe


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