FLEXnCONFU – Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future: secure, clean and efficient energy

  • Dates: April 2020 – March 2024
  • Leader: RINA-C
  • Grant agreement number: 884157
  • Financed by



FLEXnCONFU, covering the whole value chain, is a pioneer “demonstration to market” project which will contribute to the valorisation of European Gas Turbine (GT) and Power to Gas scientific and technological competencies, and to the creation of a clean hydrogen/ammonia society. Within FLEXnCONFU project, to level the CC load, the electricity production could be converted in H2 or NH3 as carbon free fuels via P2X2P application, to in turn be locally re-used in the same power plant to respond to varying demand. This solution will be demonstrated up to the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6 deploying a Power-to-Ammonia system in a relevant environment (a MGT operating in a smart grid context, Savona lab) and up to TRL 7 installing a power-to-hydrogen system in a real operational environment (EDPP’s Ribatejo power plant). To exploit the potential of NH3 combustion in reducing CO2 emission, combustion tests up to 100% NH3 will be performed in a heavy duty representative GT combustion system (Cardiff University combustion lab). The new FLEXnCONFU layout will unlock the current situation of low operating-hours CCGT power plants by providing secure back-up and improving CCs flexibility as well as overall efficiency, allowing a smoother operation, reducing air pollutant emissions. The FLEXnCONFU system can be coupled to both combined heat and power CC and natural gas CC as well as to coal integrated gasification combined cycle, so guaranteeing a wide replicability potential and a cleaner EU fossil based power plant fleet.


  • Demonstrate at TRL7 an integrated and flexible P2P-CC balance of plant concept
  • Making GT combustion chamber able to burn non-conventional fuels
  • Develop and demonstrate a modular and containerized solution for P2A
  • Efficient integration of P2X components via grid oriented advanced control systems
  • Demonstration of economic, safety and environmental sustainability of the novel solutions
  • Dissemination and Exploitation


  • .CIRCE will lead the WP 3, consisting of developing the models in dynamic simulations of the P2H and P2A and the integrated systems models (Tasks 3.1 and 3.2)
  • CIRCE will be involved in the following tasks: 4.5, 5.6, 6.1, 6.4 along with the subtask 6.4.2
  • CIRCE will also collaborate on the WP8 Dissemination and Exploitation


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