• Dates: April 2014 – March 2017
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  • Leader: CIRCE 
  • Grant agreement number: EE-13-638-SI2_675535
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SUCELLOG (SUCCESSFUL LOGISTICS) action focuses in an almost unexploited biomass logistic concept: the implementation of agro-industry logistic centres in the agro-industry as a complement to their usual activity evidencing the large synergy existing between the agro- economy and the bio-economy.

Alfalfa dehydration, grain drying or seed oil extraction industries among others, account with equipment compatible with the production of solid biofuels (pelletisers, drying systems, silos, conveyors) and work in most of the cases under seasonal regime. These facilities can be utilised in the idle periods to handle and pre-treat biomass feedstocks obtained from different sources existing in the area (mainly agricultural residues) into quality solid biofuels to be introduced into the market.

SUCELLOG will support the creation of agro-industry logistic centres covering the gap of knowledge that agro-industries face when willing to start this new activity. Additionally, auditing services will be provided to agro-industries interested in becoming agro-industry logistic centres. All these activities will be developed by the regional and national agrarian associations (RAAs and NAAs) to whom these beneficiaries belong to, creating new skills to support their associates and, for that reason, ensuring the replication of the actions beyond the project.


The main objective of SUCELLOG is to widespread the participation of the agrarian sector in the sustainable supply of solid biofuels in Europe, by means of the consecution of the following specific objectives:

  • To foster the entrepreneurship of the agro-industry in the creation of 4 agro-industry logistic centres in Spain, France, Italy and Austria. Additionally 10 agro-industries per country will be object of a feasibility study within an auditing service.
  • To create the capacity inside the regional and national agrarian associations of 7 European countries to advice their agro-industries willing to start this new business line.
  • To enhance the creation of successful associations and partnerships between the agrarian sector and stakeholders of the value chain


CIRCE is coordinating SUCELLOG Project, carrying on the managerial and monitoring tasks associated. Moreover CIRCE plays an essential role providing technical support in the implementation of biomass logistic centres (resources assessment, quality and solid biofuel evaluation market, pre-treatment and storage processes).


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