We pay careful attention to detail in everything we do to ensure that the outcome meets the expectations and needs of our clients./span>

We strive to imprint our seal of quality and instil our values throughout, producing innovative ideas and competitive solutions so that the results also mean added value for our clients.

Developing projects that do more for the people and institutions who trust and rely on us is key.


Our know-how has led us to work with the major energy corporations, as well as companies in many other sectors wishing to make a more sensible use of resources, which includes undertaking international R&D projects together. This makes for long-term collaborations that drive constant growth and open the doors to new business opportunities.


Cooperation among research groups in a field as competitive as the energy sector is momentous if we aim to be at the cutting edge and anticipate society’s needs. Realizing this, we are always on the lookout for new synergies with other centres and universities with which to exchange knowledge and develop collaborative projects to bring the outcome of our research to the market.


Public administrations play a crucial role on the path towards a zero-carbon society and a more competitive, sustainable business fabric. That is why we work in close collaboration with public institutions offering our support and guidance to help develop strategies, actions and standards for the energy sector and the environment. We also assist them in applying for financial aid from international funding programmes to make it all possible.


We help all kinds of groups – from technology-related firms to individuals – to find their feet and bring their projects to fruition. Using a variety of mechanisms, we aim to make them more competitive and sustainable, help them find innovative business opportunities, internationalize their activity and obtain funding.