The congress, which will take place on December 13 in Madrid, is the main professional forum for the Smart Grids sector in Spain

CIRCE will participate in the fifth edition of the Smart Grids Congress where it will expose the lines of R & D & I of IdEAS, a project that tries to reduce the technological disparity of the new intelligent electrical substations.

The director of the ICT Integration area, Jesús Torres, will be in charge of presenting the paper ‘IdEAS Project: IEC61850 interoperability in the services of the distribution operator. Standardization methodology and pilot in real substation’. This project, led by Endesa and in which CIRCE participates, seeks to facilitate the work of homogenized maintenance of technological solutions to achieve greater operational efficiency of intelligent electrical substations.

The Smart Grids Congress, which will be held in Madrid on December 13, is a multidisciplinary event that brings together the most important actors in the sector, thus becoming a forum for exhibition and debate on the current and future development of the smart power grids.

Various topics ranging from automation, control, operation and management of assets in the transport and distribution electricity networks to the design and evolution of the electricity market within the framework of the Climate Change Law will be addressed through presentations and round tables. Energy Transition Other areas such as flexibility mechanisms and models (aggregation of demand, distributed generation, storage and interconnection of networks), the active user in Smart Grids (electric vehicle, self-consumption, Smart buildings …) and digitalization (management) will also be discussed. and data analytics, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and blockchain …).

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