CIRCE will lead a new H2020 project aimed at decarbonising seven geographic islands through the study and deployment of seven innovative, sustainable and economically viable use cases that revolve around energy.

The INSULAE project, which has 27 partners and more than € 12 million in budget, will focus its activities on the islands of Unije (Croatia), Bornholm (Denmark) and Madeira (Portugal), serving the results achieved in these to develop plans specific actions for the islands of Menorca (Spain), Norderney (Germany), Psara (Greece) and Bonaire, in the Netherlands Antilles.

Among the use cases that will be deployed are the joint management of hybrid systems for renewable generation and storage, the intelligent control of integration of the energy system and the water network, as well as the empowerment of local communities through flexible services provided by 5G and the Internet of things.

In addition, it is intended to achieve a transition to direct current electricity networks, use local bio-based economies in support of energy networks (thermal and electrical), as well as transport, and transport electrification through advanced control of Frequency and tension The power and storage electronics will support the stabilization of weak networks and micro-networks.

CIRCE will co-ordinate the project during the 4-year term in addition to leading various tasks and developing, modeling and implementing different innovation technologies.