GRID COLOMBIA - “Estudio de factibilidad técnica y económica de soluciones de redes inteligentes para el sector eléctrico colombiano”

  • Dates: October 2014 – October 2015
  • Leader: CIRCE 
  • Grant agreement number: CO-T1337-SN2


The study will address the development of the Colombian electric sector by means of Smart Grid solutions, carrying out:

  • Analysis of technical and economic viability of the solutions developed.
  • Best practises study for designing the architectures.
  • Cost-benefit assessments of the most suitable Smart Grid solutions.

The project, which is a collaborative project between Spanish and Colombian entities, will be supported by:

  • National Experts (Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira)
  • Expert in Analysis and Planning (AFI)
  • External consultant in Analysis and Planning (Eclareon)
  • Expert in ICTs (Universidad de Alcalá)


The overall objective of the consultancy is to:
Identify feasible solutions in Smart Grids and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) with a major potential for their implementation in Colombia, developing a Roadmap for their deployment in the country.

The specific objective of the study is to:
Define a Roadmap for Smart Grid development in Colombia 2030, identifying the most suitable specific strategies, standards and regulations for the implementation and deployment of a Smart Grid in the country.


CIRCE will be the entity responsible for the management and coordination of the project.
CIRCE will participate in all the sections described:

  • Smart Grids solutions identification considering their adequacy to Colombia’s needs
  • Definition of the methodology to quantify the contribution of Smart Grids technologies to Colombia’s objectives and to prioritize the most influential technologies
  • Definition of the KPIs needed to evaluate the improvements of the different Smart Grids technologies
  • Develop the simulations required to obtain the KPIs values
  • Coordination of the ICTs solutions most suitable for Colombia
  • Coordination of the cost benefit analysis
  • Elaboration of Colombian Smart Grids Roadmap


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