MAIGE - Sistema de Monitorización Avanzada de Instalaciones de Distribución de Gas y Electricidad


MAIGE project focuses on the concept of Asset Management, having a direct impact on the level of inspection and maintenance in gas and electric distribution networks, where is intended to reinforce the assets with smart management, so the maintenance crews will be able to act remotely. MAIGE project aims to meet the following requirements:

  1. Development of a set of robust and low-cost sensors to be installed in the distribution substations. These sensors aim to check the status of different components of the facility remotely, following the public regulations and avoiding in situ tests. Visual systems will be included among other sensors. Using this solution, the number of supervision visits by the maintenance crews will decrease and possible failures can be early detected.
  2. Development of a device having robust, reliable, low-cost and low-energy sensors, with solar panels, which can be installed at pylons and other facilities to check the grounding continuity and resistance. Additionally other sensors (for example temperature, humidity, wind, lightning detection or presence sensor) may be integrated into that device depending on cost-benefit analysis.
  3. Development of a monitoring system (sensors) to detect and locate faults and to measure phase and loads unbalance on medium voltage overhead networks.
  4. Definition and, where appropriate, development of a communications system to cover these sensors in all geographic areas where electrical and gas facilities are.
  5. Development of a device which accurately locates and also detects faults in the medium voltage cable system.


The main objective of MAIGE project is the development of innovative solutions and equipment to improve the asset management in the electric distribution networks.

Specifically, the project will develop a systems to monitor parameters from electric facilities, which are currently supervised manually and locally, in order to increase performance and to improve service quality and safety.


CIRCE will work in the development of a fault location algorithm in electricity distribution systems based on the injection of high frequency signals to the network and analysis of the system response. It will implement the developed algorithm into a prototype which will be installed in a pilot to test its performance in a real installation.

  • Development and validation of fault location algorithm.
  • Design and development of capacitive and inductive couplings.
  • Prototype design and development and tests in laboratory.
  • Evaluation of technical and safety requirements to install it into a real electric distribution network.


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