MEAN4SG - Metrology Excellence Academic Network for Smart Grids

  • Dates: March 2016 – January 2020
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  • Leader: CIRCE 
  • Grant agreement number: 676042
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MEAN4SG will educate 11 young researchers in the Smart Grids metrology field by constructing a training network gathering the whole innovation value chain.

The main EU actors in the field of Smart Grids metrology have worked together, under the umbrella of the European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET), and relying on the support of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), in order to design a training program coping with the principal R&D challenges related to metrology for smart grids while tackling the shortage of highly-skilled professionals on this area that has been foreseen by the European Commission, the electricity grids industrial sector and the academia.

The overall MEAN4SG research programme tackles the main research challenges in the smart grids metrology field identified by the European R&D community:

  1. power quality analysis,
  2. smart grids modelling and management,
  3. advanced monitoring through Phasor Measurement Units applications and
  4. smart cable diagnosis.

These main goals have been divided into eleven specific objectives, which will be assigned to the fellows, for them to focus their R&D project, PhD Thesis and professional career, being their accomplishment controlled by a Personal Supervisory Team.


The main goal of MEAN4SG is to shape a critical mass of new expertise with the fundamental skills required to power the scientific and technological challenges of Smart Grids Metrology. Additionally, the network will constitute a core for world-class cluster of European research expertise in smart grids metrology, gathering reference experts in all the disciplines required, that includes electricity, electronics, mechanics, communication technologies, economic & finances, logistics, managerial aspects, etc.

The fellows will be trained while performing R&D projects, aiming to optimize the metrology of smart grids by means of and integrated research program focused in four scientific goals:

  • To determine and further analyse those Power Quality parameters that affect active customers.
  • To address the modelling of distributed generation and demand systems.
  • To develop advanced tools for power network monitoring: the Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs).
  • To research and develop tools related to cable insulation conditions on Smart Grids.


CIRCE leads the consortium providing its wide expertise in Smart Grids, as well as in management of international collaborative research and training projects.
CIRCE will also provide to the researchers acces to advanced measurement equipment for power performance or to the facilities of the LME-CIRCE Laboratory, accredited for Power Performance Characterization of wind turbines and belonging to the MEASNET network.


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