REDACTIVA -Innovación en la automatización de la red de distribución de neutro aislado.

  • Dates: July 2015 – December 2018
  • Leader: UNIÓN FENOSA
  • Grant agreement number: RTC-2015-4176-3
  • Financied by


In the last few years, significant differences have been identified between medium and low voltage electricity distribution networks.

REDACTIVA is a Spanish project in which several entities and research centers will collaborate to provide solutions to these issues and will develop preventive techniques to avoid future problems.

The project is structured in different work packages that will bring solutions and equipment to improve grid automation and solve the specific problems that REDACTIVE has identified, establishing pilots within the automation work package.


The main goal of the REDACTIVA Project is the development of new solutions and innovative equipment that enable a higher degree of automation in the medium and low voltage distribution networks in order to improve grid operation. At the same time their efficacy and effectiveness will be improved, as well as the quality of the service that currently not being offered to the final user.

Within this objective, the project includes various specific objectives:

  1. Development of applications to avoid undesired “isle” generation
  2. Development of solutions to avoid or reduce ferro-resonance appearance in the medium voltage distribution grids
  3. Development of voltage / intensity sensors:
  4. Assets management: early detection of faults for predictive / preventive maintenance
  5. Implementation of the solutions in the pilots for their validation


CIRCE will generate a computer-based tool that allow implementing the algorithms to identify grid impedance, grid stability, carry out status assesment, etc.

In addition, a new proposal will be made to increase the medium voltage grid automation level, specifying the monitoring and control strategies, diagnosis, protections and their analysis.

Besides CIRCE will carry out the adaptation of the LIER laboratory, that will be used for testing the different anti-isle techniques obtained in the previous process during the project.

Finally, CIRCE will identify the partial discharge patterns (DP) to determine the existence of DP sources as well as their location. Thus, the aim is to prove the feasibility of determining the isolation levels of the installed materials in the grid and be able to establish their real ageing degree, so as to apply the appropriate preventive maintenance techniques in an effective way.


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