SUDOKET - Mapping, consolidation and dissemination of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) for the construction sector in the SUDOE space

  • Dates: March 2018 – Febr 2021
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  • Leader: Universidad Loyola Andalucía
  • Grant agreement number: SOE2/P1/E0677
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The construction sector accounts for 10% of the EU’s GDP and generates 20 million jobs. In addition, buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in Europe. The application of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) to the construction sector allows for the design and construction of “Innovative Buildings” (IB), which are more efficient and competitive, with new and better features, designed with the quality of life of people and respect for the environment in mind. However, despite current regulations and the growing technological offer, the building construction sector is still based mainly on conventional methodologies and technologies.

The SUDOKET project will enhance the research and development capabilities of KET-based solutions for IE in universities and R&D centres, and promote the creation of links and synergies between builders, manufacturers, designers and technologists, which will contribute to improving the quality and competitiveness of IE in Europe. With this objective in mind, SUDOKET will develop two collaborative online information systems: KETpedia, aimed at disseminating the state of the art in KETs for IE and KETcluster, dedicated to the mapping of the different actors and the promotion of collaborative projects and initiatives between them. In addition, SUDOKET will deploy four pilot installations in

France, Spain and Portugal that will allow for the experimental validation of the performance of advanced technologies used in the construction, power supply and operation of EI and will demonstrate the viability of their use in real operating conditions, strengthening the confidence of the industry.


  • It increases confidence in the application of KETs in “Innovative Buildings” (IB) through a rigorous analysis of the systems, evidencing their state of maturity and identifying the existing technological challenges.
  • It promotes synergies and clusters between the main research centres and industries related to the application of KETs in IE, in order to create networks and collaborative business models that adequately cover the entire IE value chain and increase the competitiveness of the sector in the SUDOE space.
  • It presents the advances in the application of KETs to EI, increasing confidence and motivating new researchers, by presenting state-of-the-art systems in 4 pilot facilities located in the SUDOE space.
  • It increases knowledge, enhances capabilities and encourages business investment in KETs-based systems for IE by disseminating the state of the art and applied research.


  • CIRCE will participate in the KETsupply pilot installations for the demonstration of solar power systems.
  • CIRCE will participate in the development of KETpedia, a technical-scientific information system on the state of the art of KETs.
  • CIRCE will participate in the development of KETedu, a technical book that gathers the results of the SUDOKET project as well as in its seminars, preparing the topic Power Processing Technology in EI


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