Ever since our inception we have been aware of the need to reduce the amount of greenhouse has released into the atmosphere. That is why our R&D&I work has always factored in this issue, seeking to achieve a, smaller carbon footprint at every stage of the value chain of the product or service we are working on.

At CIRCE, we tackle the problem from various angles. This ranges from replacing fossil fuels with renewable sources to enhancing system efficiency in order to lessen the amount of energy consumed regardless of the source used.

Over the years, we have worked on developing new technology to monitor and control the emissions producidas por equipos industriales, tarea que se ha realizado de acuerdo a la constante evolución normativa.

But the extent of our work covers a great many more activities and sectors, such as transport by promoting electric vehicles and sustainable mobility measures, and construction by implementing sustainability and energy efficiency measures..


  • NOx emissions

We analyse the characteristics of combustion systems and propose solutions that help to lower nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions to meet increasingly restrictive standards, bearing in mind the requirements of each system and the importance of not compromising production quality.

  • Microwave technology

In industrial processes that require heat, introducing microwave technology in furnaces or reactors could lead to instant improvements: energy savings of 25-50% compared to conventional heating methods and 25-75% shorter production times.

  • Energy is saved by consuming less fossil fuels.
  • Heating is fast and efficient, which means shorter production times and optimized heating processes thanks to more even results throughout the batch, avoiding overheated areas.
  • It is more environmentally friendly as heating happens directly, without using contaminants such as combustion gases, leading to a high-quality outcome and a cleaner environment.



POLYNSPIRE – Demonstration of Innovative Technologies towards a more Efficient…

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Retrieving materials from Absorbent Hygiene Products


CIRCE is collaborating with FATER, a joint venture involving Procter & Gamble (P&G), and various European partners to retrieve the organic matter, plastic and cellulose inside this type of waste and use it as new raw materials or biogas.

Reducing gas consumption in industrial furnaces with an inductive system


CIRCE has successfully developed a high-capacity wireless system to transfer power which replaces gas burners in industrial furnaces in the aluminium sector, leading to less consumption and fewer emissions.

Innovative combustion technology to control NOx emissions


CIRCE has conducted a study for Dow Chemical Ibérica to consider retrofitting an oven to replace current burners with low NOx generation burners, which could mean a potential 40% drop in emissions.