Greater efficiency means consuming less energy and boosting performance in industrial processes. In fact, for the companies we help to overcome their energy efficiency issues, the resulting financial savings allow them to recover the initial investment and improve their market situation. As an added bonus, a stronger environmental commitment represents a competitive advantage over other companies since environmental awareness is growing among consumers.

The goal of our lines of research is to boost energy efficiency in various ways that range from small actions to major investments affecting an entire organization or factory. We have the capacity to help industries implement energy management systems and have already done so in highly divergent sectors from agri-foods to the vehicle industry, as well as enabling them to deploy real-time energy consumption monitoring systems.


  • Energy auditing

Our energy audits follow European directives and help clients to make decisions regarding energy efficiency measures by revealing specific details on a facility’s energy performance and operation.

  • Implementing energy management systems

We guide companies through the process of implementing energy management systems, providing them with the structure and procedures they need to enhance energy performance in their facilities.

  • Monitoring and managing energy

We offer guidance for companies on how to gather and analyse information regarding energy and processes so as to boost financial returns by digitising systems towards the Industry 4.0.

  • Certifying energy auditors

The ENAC has granted us accreditation to certify energy auditors. This means that the professionals we certify can prove that they meet the requirements established by European directives to carry out this service.



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Twenty companies in Aragon now save 3000 MWh of power every year


CIRCE has been collaborating with the Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza to conduct energy audits on 20 companies in various sectors, leading them to pinpoint 80 efficiency measures that are already being applied to save the equivalent in power to the annual consumption of 1000 homes.

Real-time monitoring tool for over 30 European agro-industries


CIRCE has developed an energy analysis tool for the agri-food sector. The initiative included deploying the system and monitoring technical progress to measure performance in each process and plant. Up to 15% energy savings were achieved.

Saving energy and money in fertilizer production


CIRCE took care of analysing, modelling and diagnosing the Fertinagro fertilizer production plant and managed to lower gas consumption by 2 to 4% and power consumption by 2 to 3%, which has resulted in estimated financial savings in the range of €350,000 to €450,000.