BEYOND - A reference big data platform implementation and AI analytic toolkit toward innovative data sharing-driven energy service ecosystems for the building sector and beyond

  • Dates: December 2020 – November 2023
  • Leader: UBETECH
  • Grant agreement number: 957020
  • Financed by



BEYOND brings forward a reference Big Data Management Platform, on top of which an advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) analytics toolkit will be offered allowing for the delivery of derivative data and intelligence out of a blend of real-life building data and relevant data coming from external sources (batch and real-time). The Analytics Toolkit will enable the execution of a wealth of descriptive-predictive-prescriptive analytics on the basis of pre-trained algorithms focusing on Personal Analytics, Industrial Analytics, along with Edge Analytics towards intelligent real-time automated control of building assets. The BEYOND Big data platform and AI Analytics Toolkit will be associated with novel data (intelligence) sharing mechanisms that enable the integration of value chain stakeholders, thus allowing the latter ones to gain the opportunity to acquire building data & advanced analytics and build their own applications and solutions, towards (i) providing innovative energy services to the building sector, while (ii) at the same time improving their business operations and increasing their business processes and operations. BEYOND will leverage data, primary or secondarily related to the building domain, coming from diverse sources, integrated to the BEYOND Platform to enable data exchange in an interoperable and standards-based manner. BEYOND will be validated in 4 large-scale demonstrators involving (i) data collection from diverse building typologies, data sources, building systems and devices, and (ii) data (intelligence) sharing with various market actors.


1.To deliver a novel Big Data reference architecture and platform powered by buildings’ data (energy and nonenergy) that effectively addresses the complexity of building energy performance optimization and energy sector value chain interactions and allows for the delivery of innovative Energy-as-a-Service offerings, through central as well as federated experimentation with big data analytics, service composition, data sharing, assets reuse and value generation.

2.To integrate existing big data technologies, tools and libraries, with building sector legacy systems, external data sources and ICT-enabled assets and components to accelerate the data management and analysis cycle for powering the BEYOND platform, turning the 4 Big Data V’s (Volume, Speed, Variety, Veracity) into Stakeholder Value.

3.To deliver an innovative, secure, privacy preserving and IPR respecting multi-party data exchange and sharing framework, propelling the creation of a joint venture of data owners and analytics providers.

4.To enable the delivery of innovative and added value services that satisfy emerging building and energy sector needs and effectively contribute to the short-, mid- and long-term targets for a better, more sustainable and more efficient operation of buildings, while facilitating the decarbonization of the energy system and the democratization of energy markets through the creation of integrated value chains and sustainable ecosystems of stakeholders of the energy sector around the BEYOND Big Data Platform and AI Analytics Toolkit.

5.To bring forward novel collaborative business models driven by big data sharing and analytics services, benefiting the whole value chain of actors relevant to the building and (furthermore) to the energy domain in whole.

6.To deliver a reference big data platform architecture and implementation for the buildings’ data value chain, validated through a set of representative, large-scale and long-lasting demonstrators.

7.Promote the adoption of the BEYOND solution as a next-generation Big Data Platform and AI Analytics Toolkit for (data sharing-based) Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) applications through intense dissemination and knowledge transfer of the project’s outcomes towards the targeted stakeholders, reaching out to international audiences within and beyond the EU.


  • CIRCE is a leading Spanish RTO (Research and Technology Organization) in the domains of Smart Buildings and Energy Services. Its significant experience and infrastructure will be pivotal for the implementation of the BEYOND activities. CIRCE aims to use its vast experience in energy analytics services in order to facilitate the project validation activities. In addition, CIRCE will be able to support the design and energy system modelling activities in the Spanish demonstrators, acting also as a technical partner for the Spanish demo.
  • Within the BEYOND project, CIRCE will lead phase about the definition of Use Cases, Business Requirements and Architecture Design, handling the leadership in task with regards to Obstacles to Innovation and task focusing on the definition of the BEYOND PMV (Performance, Measurement and Verification). .
  • Based on the latter, CIRCE will be heavily involved in work focusing on the definition and application of the Evaluation Framework of the BEYOND project during the demonstration activities, while also leading the replication planning activities of the project in Scaling up and Replication Activities and Roadmap.
  • Finally, CIRCE will have a pivotal role informed decision-making module on energy infrastructure sizing and planning, to enable optimal planning and informed sizing of assets in electricity distribution grids.


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