CIRC4LIFE - A circular economy approach for lifecycles of products and services

  • Dates: May 2018 – April 2021 
  • Leader: CIRCE 
  • Grant agreement number: 776503
  • Financed by



The new circular economy model proposed by CIRC4LIFE will be based in three new models:

  • Co-creation of Products/Services Model, to bring end-users closer to the design and manufacturing phases by identifying consumer preferences via Big-data tools and tests in Living labs.
  • Sustainable Consumption Model, to trace the producsts sustainability along their value chain and support the implementation of the circular economy via awareness raising and knowledge sharing activities.
  • Collaborative Recycling/Reuse Model, to enable stakeholders interact with each other to facilitate the use/reuse of end-of-life products, reduce waste, and apply measures to encourage consumers to recycle/reuse.

This project has been funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 776503.


CIRC4LIFE aims to develop and implement a circular economy approach for sustainable products and services.
The project activities will be based in two sectors:

  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Farming and agri-food

An ICT platform will be developed, containing information about logistics, products, recycling systems and other online tools to support stakeholders and consumers.


CIRCE is responsible of the development of the business model based on the collaborative recycle and/or reuse of goods and products, and will carry out an analysis and definition of systems that enable key players to recycle and reuse a diverse number of products.

CIRCE will also play a key role in the development of the Sustainable Consumption Model, contributing to the development of eco-shopping and eco-cost account to enable consumers to select sustainable products, as well as in the support of the eco-point calculations and recycling / reuse approaches.


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