Eco-innovación para la optimización energética de la cadena de valor en el sector del Corporate Merchandising: Huella de carbono del producto

  • Dates: January 2014 – June 2018
  • Project website:  
  • Leader: DONO DARE
  • Grant agreement number: RTC-2014-2747-5
  • Financied by


DONO-GREEN project rises with the aim of providing the company DONODARE, leader in the corporate merchandising sector, with the necessary tools to know the carbon footprint impact of the products that distributes. This will be achieved through a Life Cycle methodology.

With the information provided by the methodology, it will be possible to promote measures to support the decision-taking process regarding supply, production and distribution, towards a lower environmental impact, as well as to promote measures for improving the energy efficiency in its processes, both internal and external.


The goal of this project focuses in the estimation, quantification and reduction of the carbon footprint of the products commercialized by DONODARE, along its whole value chain.

As secondary objectives can be found the differentiation of the product characteristics that go beyond the product ( packaging, warranty, after-sales service, commercialization, availability, recycling and environmental improvements…) and the access to new sectors of national markets, and especially international markets. Both of them are key aspects to improve the competitiveness and survival of the company in the long term, as they can open the door to widen the customer portfolio, including new clients with a high grade of environmental concern in in their purchase decisions.


CIRCE will be in charge of the creation of the tool to know the carbon footprint of the products of the company DONODARE. The tool will then be tested and validated, to later instruct DONODARE employees in its use.

With the results obtained by the tool CIRCE will be responsible for proposing a series of improvement measures to reduce the environmental impact of these products, providing support and technical advice to the company in the implementation of energy efficiency measures.


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