E2DRIVER – Training on energy audits as an Energy Efficiency DRIVER for the automotive sector

  • Dates: June 2019 – May 2021
  • Poject website: http://e2driver.eu/
  • Leader: CIRCE 
  • Grant agreement number: 847038
  • Funded by



E2DRIVER will develop a collaborative-cooperative training platform boosting the automotive supply industry collective intelligence on energy efficiency. The platform will provide access to training material, online lessons, guidelines, energy and financial tools, virtual reality modules and a community of key actors in the sector for SMEs to undergo energy audits and implement their recommendations. To this end, E2DRIVER training methodology Will enable the development of specific training plan itineraries based on the company’s needs and trainees’ role in the company, which will increase the effectiveness of the training sessions and the awareness on energy issues among the staff.

The development of E2DRIVER platform will not be a static action resulting from the project execution, but will enable a continuous update of the training material, best practices, benchmarking analysis and guidelines due to the implementation of an ontological flip teaching method, which enables trainees to generate their own knowledge and training materials to be shared through E2DRIVER cooperative networks.

E2DRIVER platform will be tested and validated in 40 companies from the automotive supply industry in four countries that represent over 50% of the EU employees in this sector: Spain, France, Italy and Germany. Moreover, a total of 60 trainers will be certified in E2DRIVER training methodology, which will ease the replication of the Project results and the business consolidation of E2DRIVER platform.


The E2DRIVER project will develop a collaborative-cooperative training platform boosting the automotive sector collective intelligence on energy efficiency by making SMEs fully aware of the multiple benefits resulting from energy audits, while providing them with the required skills and information to implement their recommendations.


Project Results:

  • To identify needs, requirements and motivations in the automotive sector that could foster energy audits and to collect best practices and success cases on energy efficiency to transfer them to the project’s audience.
  • To implement a methodology for the development of customized training courses in the automotive companies by defining adaptive learning environments according to the trainee’s circumstantial requirements.
  • To implement E2DRIVER methodology in 12 pilot companies and 28 replication companies from Spain, Germany, Italy and France training 60 people

To unlock the implementation of about 65 energy efficiency measures, leveraging up to 13 GWh/year of savings, and triggering the execution of new energy audits in at least 40 SMEs.


CIRCE oversees the coordination of the project (WP1) and leads WP3 concerning the development of the training methodology and E2DRIVER platform (WP3):

  • Project Management and reporting
  • Development of the training methodology
  • Generation of the Best Practices and Guidelines and Recommendations for the automotive sector


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