eCREW - establishing Community Renewable Energy Webs

  • Dates: May 2020 – April 2023
  • Leader: EI-JKU
  • Grant agreement number: 890362
  • Financed by



The eCREW project aims at activating and fostering the inherent – and so far underused – forces of communitydriven collective actions initiatives (CAI). Empowering citizens and giving them the tools needed to produce, store and consume energy for a) their own benefits, b) the prosperity of the (local) economy, and for c) tackling climate change is an important and indispensable step on our road to a stable, secure, energy-efficient and climate-neutral future energy system.

The eCREW approach will add substantially to the uptake of CAIs, by proposing, establishing and rolling-out a new business model, fully in line with the objectives of the Clean Energy Package for All Europeans. The cooperation within a CREW will maximize renewables uptake and energy efficiency, jointly and individually, and is enabled through an award-winning smartphone app software system developed and field-tested in the H2020 project PEAKapp.


  • Engage a high number of households in CREW
  • Trigger investments in renewables and energy efficiency
  • Create Competitive Advantage for the software provider
  • Create Competitive Advantage for the CAEs
  • Remove Barriers for Market Uptake


  • CIRCE will lead WP2, which consists in tailoring of the business models and impacts indicator
  • Along with the coordination of the whole WP, CIRCE will lead Task 2.2, for the development of the engagement strategies for households and stakeholders, as well as Task 2.3 regarding the KPIs definition.
  • CIRCE will have an active role in the WP3 leading task 3.2 related to household-level PV and battery simulation and selfconsumption assessment
  • CIRCE will also be leading Task 5.3 regarding KPIs quantification
  • Finally, CIRCE will support ADEE in the Spanish Lighthouse community.


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