EFEVE - Development of a new high performance material associated to a new technological Energetic, Flexible, Economical,Versatile and Ecological process to make super strong and lightweight components


The current economic situation as well as the rising competitiveness in the foundry and metal mechanic sector, makes necessary to improve the performance of the processes in order to reduce costs and improve the competitiveness of the companies.
To achieve this goal, this sector requires new developments, market flexibility, cheaper products, manufacturing processes and materials of lower cost, and more energy efficient manufacturing technologies, being these concepts addressed by the EFEVE project.
The project is focused on the development of new nanoreinforced aluminium and magnesium alloys as well as new processes that may be suitable for such materials.
The research will approach two different families of nanoreinforcements and their corresponding technical challenges.
  • On the one hand the development of nanodiamonds and other carbon based nanoreinformcent to be incorporated into aluminium and magnesium alloys.
  • On the other the problems related to the incorporation and agglomeration of nanooxides, nanocarbides and other nanometalic particles into these light alloys.
 Another large part of the technical tasks will deal with the development of advanced high productivity manufacturing casting processes. Innovative production concepts will be applied to squeeze casting, low pressure and HPDC processes in order to develop new process variants that may offer higher productivity and quality ranges and to adapt them to the use of nanoreinforced materials.


The main objective of the EFEVE project is to develop new manufacturing technologies for the production of cost effective nano compounds, development of advanced methods for the distribution and dispersion of nano compounds in aluminum and magnesium alloys, and new manufacturing casting processes for more energy efficiency and high flexibility.
These developments will enable manufacture new components (automotive, wind power and construction) with high performance, reducing weight, energy demand, costs and increasing flexibility.
The specific objectives of the project to reach the overall goal set by EFEVE are the following.
    • Definition and development of manufacturing technologies for light alloys (aluminium and magnesium) with nano element addition
    • Definition and development of new casting technologies to meet performance requirements, and flexibility and energy efficiency in the process
    • Definition, development and implementation of the new technologies at pilot plant


Among other activities, CIRCE will be in charge of the Integrated optimization and Life Cycle Assessment, that will contribute to the selection of the solutions brought by EFEVE.

Thus, CIRCE will carry out the assessment of the economic and environmental improvements achieved in the project compared with the state of the art, including all the aspects, processes and final users, and integrate them in an holistic approach to the results of the project

In addition CIRCE will play an active rol in the definition of a replication strategy and exploitation plan in collaboration with the rest of partners of the project, ensuring a successful exploitation and dissemination of the key results.


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