CIRCE, in the framework of the SuperSmart project, has organized on October 23 a day focused on efficient solutions related to the sustainability of these establishments

Madrid will host, on October 23, the day ‘Efficient supermarkets: tools and innovations’, organized by CIRCE. The event is part of the SUPERSMART project activities, funded by the European Commission, which seeks to accelerate the adoption of more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

The objective is to present the latest technological developments related to the improvement of energy efficiency in supermarkets and to look for new opportunities and synergies among the agents of the sector. Therefore, the day will include the participation of research centers such as the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), the Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research (CIEMAT) or CIRCE itself, as well as companies specialized in systems of refrigeration (INTARCON, EXKAL), air conditioning (TROX) or lighting (PHILIPS). The Association of Spanish Supermarket Chains (ACES) will also participate, giving voice to the sector, and other entities such as Deloitte. Thanks to this variety of participants, they can be approached from technical barriers to non-technical, regulatory and economic barriers that limit the launch of new energy efficiency solutions in supermarkets. Likewise, during the event, financing opportunities offered by the European H2020 program and grants for R&D projects within the sector will be discussed.

The Spanish Office of Climate Change, belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Ecological Transition, will deepen the plan PIMA FRIO, for the implementation of refrigeration facilities based on alternative technologies, approved last September. These subsidies can be accessed by commercial distribution establishments that want to implement more sustainable refrigeration facilities.

The day will put on the table innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption, highlighting success stories presented by different manufacturers and supermarkets. Among the topics, the equipment of these establishments, energy efficiency barriers in supermarkets, energy management systems and financing models will be addressed.

To conclude, discussion tables will be held where attendees can exchange knowledge and views with the speakers.

Training program for supermarkets

To improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the sector, SUPERSMART partners have developed a training program aimed at chain technicians and food establishments. Composed of seven modules, the program addresses in detail all aspects related to improving energy efficiency in a supermarket, as well as developing the criteria of an Ecological Label for supermarkets at European level.

The program, and training materials are offered free of charge until the end of 2018. To request more information contact CIRCE at

Event Details

  • Date: October 23 (Tuesday).
  • Place: Hotel Novotel Puente de la Paz. Albacete Street, nº1, 28027, Madrid.
  • Program (Complete agenda in the attached document)
    • Opening and welcome
    • Energy efficiency barriers in supermarkets
    • Efficient supermarkets: commercial refrigeration, refrigerator furniture, air conditioning installations, lighting solutions.
    • Aid for sustainable commercial refrigeration installations
    • Refrigeration in the evaluation of the sustainability of supermarkets.
    • Coffee break
    • Energy management systems
    • Financing models
    • Round table
    • Closing
    • Lunch