EMILIE - Enchancing mediterranean initiatives leading SMEs to innovation in building energy efficiency technologies


EMILIE will support SMEs, in the development, testing and dissemination of promising new technologies/products for energy efficiency in buildings.

The project will:
  • Strengthen the existing transnational cluster network widening services and facilities, promoting the cooperation between research centres, bodies supporting SMEs and regional administrations.
  • Exploit the existing capitalization process started by strategic MED projects and develope it through a series of targeted initiatives for improving knowledge management and strengthen products and processes innovation in the Energy Efficiency sector.
  • Establish the conditions for the involvement of new private actors and for creating Public-Private Partnerships to leverage investments in the development of innovative and competitive technologies.
In particular, EMILIE will carry out an assessment on the consumption in the tertiary sector buildings in the involved regions, and a worldwide technology road mapping, selecting promising technologies/products and testing them in six pilot plants located in these regions.
EMILIE will also organize an exchange of experiences, visits and mutual learning with other projects clusters/intermediary bodies. By means of targeted workshops it will provide SMEs with professional advice on introducing these technologies in their production and support technology transfer bodies and public administrations in the definition of effective green public procurement procedures.


The project is an answer to the need to overcome barriers and gaps detected by previous strategic projects in the field of supporting innovation in SMEs within the Mediterranean (MED) area.

The project general objectives are:
  • To support SMEs innovation capacities and development potential at transnational level in the field of building energy efficiency in order to contribute to the growth, competitiveness and employment of the MED area,
  • To improve knowledge management in SMEs in relation to building energy efficiency technologies, strengthening MED cluster of SMEs and promoting cooperation between clusters, SMEs and research centres
As part of the results, EMILIE is expected to involve 1.200 SMEs directly (and further 1.300 indirectly), as well as more then 500 local and regional authorities, leading to 25,2GWh in energy savings and 8.820T CO2 emission reductions due to the introduction in the market of new technologies and products for energy saving in buildings.


Counting upon its long-established experience in R&D activities in the energy sector, CIRCE will take part in most of the tasks foreseen in EMILIE, being in charge of implementing a pilot action and of all the resulting activities that the latter implies. The aim of this pilot will be to achieve a decrease on the energy consumption by the use of PCM glass technology in glass envelopes.

In addition, due to the experienced gained in the organisation of several Technology Advanced Training and Dissemination activities performed, CIRCE will be responsible for the organisation of technical workshops to be realised in Aragon a as well as in Catalonia, where two workshop will be organised in cooperation with the Regional Government of this region.


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