EMPOWER - EmPowerment of SME to Network for Intelligent Energy Solutions and New Markets


EmPower addresses regional SME from four European regions (Saxony/DE, Western Macedonia/ EL, Aragon/ES and Tartu/EE) that provide intelligent energy solutions to the market, technicians responsible for installation and/or maintenance of energy-using products, and other key service providers (secondary users) e.g. architects, especially when they are also the ones to plan and advise end-users on the choice of equipment. Activities include – the sampling and publication of business data (SME offers of intelligent energy products and services;Intelligent Energy Data Warehouse” -the realisation of Networking and Technology Presentation Events where state-of-the-art intelligent energy solutions are presented and businesses are invited to network. – Application Courses on the planning, installation and handling of intelligent energy products, on sales and marketing, and on the leverage of capital and funding. – campaigning the “EmPower Intelligent Energy Innovation Prize” to highlight excellent intelligent energy solutions promoted by small enterprises from the partner regions. – the elaboration of a concept to financially sustain the EmPower approaches. – awareness raising activities to spur the demand for intelligent energy solutions across the partner regions and beyond.


The aim of the EmPower project is to support the dissemination of intelligent energy technologies which are already available, but potentials remain largely unexploited due to a lack of experience or technical knowledge by secondary users (installation companies, planners, etc.), and therefore limiting demand.



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