ENERGY IN TIME - Simulation based control for Energy Efficiency building operation and maintenance

  • Dates: October 2013 – June 2018
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  • Leader: ACCIONA
  • Grant agreement number: 608981
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Buildings Operational stage represents 80% of building’s life-cycle cost, 50% of which is consequence of the energy use. In addition, up to 90% of the buildings’ life cycle carbon emissions occur during their operational phase, mainly as consequence of the HVAC, lighting and appliances’ energy use. Therefore, energy and cost saving strategies addressing this building operation phase will have a major impact in the building life cycle cost.
Energy IN TIME (EiT) project goes beyond existing building control techniques, developing an integrated control & operation approach, that will combine state of the art modelling techniques with the development of an innovative simulation-based control technique:
  1. Advanced Simulation models: virtual representations of the building behaviour.
  2. Simulation Based Control: of the building energy performance, self-adaptable to the building-user actual conditions.
  3. Continuous Commissioning: combination of advanced monitoring, fault detection and diagnosis tools. This will allow detecting and implementing corrective measures and predictive maintenance strategies.
  4. Medium-long term decisions support tool based intrend analysis
 EiT will centralize the remote control of different buildings in an automatic process by means of a control tool implemented in the building energy management systems.
The methodology for the enhancing solution implementation will be defined for both existing and new buildings since its initial commissioning.

The variety of scenarios selected regarding builging typology, use, location and climate, will conduct to a “proof of concept” of the EiT solution, in terms of validity, reproducibility and adaptability.

This solution will be tested and validated in An Airport, Offices and Test Lab, Commercial and Office, and a Hotel.


Energy IN TIME (EiT) project aims to develop a Smart Energy Simulation Based Control method to reduce the energy consumption and energy bill in the operational stage of existing non-residential buildings. This methodology will allow reducing system inefficiencies and will contribute to improve building energy efficiency and comfort.
This Project will develop new techniques based on the prediction of indoor comfort conditions and user behaviour performance, to improve the Lifetime and Efficiency of energy equipment and installations through continuous commissioning and predictive maintenance. The target for Energy IN TIME solution will be existing non-residential buildings, which present the building typologies that guaranties higher impact, as well as room for improvement due to the variety and quantity of facilities and equipment covered, and the operational management model used in them.


CIRCE will actively participate in several tasks of the project, leading the works related to the characterization of user behaviour.

CIRCE will also be involved in activities related to gathering information about building requirements to feed the methodology and further operational strategies, and developing an appropriate energy audit method


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