FIESTA - Families Intelligent Energy Saving Targeted Action

  • Dates: October 2014 – September 2017
  • Leader: AREA Science Park
  • Grant agreement number: IEE/13/624/SI2_68793
  • Financied by



European consumers need to be supported to adopt more sustainable consumption behaviour in their daily life. FIESTA aims to lead families to save energy at home, acting both on their consumption behaviours and purchasing decision through a comprehensive, ad-hoc programme, based on appropriate market segmentation, with an eye for vulnerable categories. As the need for cooling is a growing issue to be faced urgently, the project focuses on cooling and heating solutions, which offer significant domestic saving potential.

With the support of 19 partners (5 technical partners and 14 municipalities), FIESTA involves 5 countries with a Mediterranean climate that require extensive use of air conditioning systems such as Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus.

Energy Help Desks will be established in the municipalities providing support and door-to-door energy audits for families. These will be engaged in the project activities by means of specific actions towards schools, social housing residents, heating and cooling retailers and installers. To attract additional beneficiaries, several FIESTA lotteries will be organized. The project will also establish 14 local Consumer Purchasing Groups (CPG) agreements to achieve purchasing advantages for customers of efficient households


The main goal of FIESTA is leading families with children to save energy at home by changing their behaviour, both in the way they use their heating and cooling systems, and by leading them to purchase more energy efficient systems. A special focus will be paid to countries with a Mediterranean climate (and in particular marked by long and warm summers that require an extensive use of air conditioning systems but also the use of heating in Winter).

FIESTA has planned the establishment of 14 Energy Help Desks and foresees the execution of 2.100 home energy audits (150 per city). By means of the promotion of domestic energy savings the project expects to achieve:

  • Energy saved: 328 toe/year (primary);
  • Cumulative investments in highly energy-efficient heating and cooling systems: 0,5 M€;
  • RES production triggered: 134 toe/year;
  • GHG emissions reduction: 1.130 t CO2;
  • People informed about the project: 700.000;
  • Replication figures: 3.000 local authorities informed about the project and 30 local authorities commit to replicate the FIESTA model.


CIRCE will be leading the “Creation of the tools for the Energy Help Desk”. These tasks aim to develop 3 tools that will be essential in the daily functioning of the FIESTA Energy Help Desks in each of the 14 municipalities involved in the project.

Specifically, CIRCE will be in charge of developing the audit tool that will be used by the project partners in the door-to-door energy audits.

In addition, CIRCE will be in charge of developing a guide containing best practices in the use of the energy and energy saving measures, that will be available for all the citizens.


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