HARMONI - Harmonised assessment of regulatory bottlenecks and standardisation needs for the process industry


HARMONI project aims at bringing together all the relevant stakeholders of the process industry in order to jointly propose solutions to overcome the regulatory bottlenecks and standardization needs that hamper the innovation processes and market uptake of the results of tis innovation activities, necessary to move towards a more sustainable and competitive European process industry.

This project intends to develop and apply a methodology for achieving an effective collaboration of the eight process industry sectors involved in SPIRE PPP (Chemical, Steel, Ceramic, Cement, Minerals, Metals, Water and Engineering) in the elaboration of solutions and in the provision of recommendations to the common challenges they face due to non-technological barriers, such as regulatory issues and the lack of European Standards among others when trying to improve their resource efficiency


  • To identify and assess those policies, programmes and legislation at EU level that pose a barrier to the innovation processes conducted by the European process industry and that difficult the market uptake of innovative technologies, from the lack of EU regulation to the overregulated fields.
  • To identify the standardization needs of the European process industry to facilitate the uptake of innovative processes, methodologies and technologies and to enhance the transferability of solutions.
  • To prioritize the regulatory bottlenecks and the standardization needs identified in base to their relevance regarding the global competitiveness, environmental impact and employment growth for all the sectors of the process industry involved in the project.
  • To provide recommendations to the European regulatory authorities on potential changes in the current EU regulation and to the European Standardization bodies on the development/modification of European Standards for the most pressing barriers to innovation for the process industry.
  • To characterize the participation of the process industry in the EU legislative procedures and to propose suggestions for optimizing the involvement and input of the industry in developing EU regulation that facilitates, and not hampers, innovation.
  • To analyse the current involvement of the process industry in the European standardization system and process and to provide suggestions to the European Standardization Organization and to the industrial associations to move towards an accelerated, simplified and modernised standardisation process that better supports innovation in the sectors.
  • To support the process industry in the transferability of solutions across sectors, particularly in horizontal areas with high potential, by identifying non-regulatory and non-standardization barriers to this transfer.
  • To develop a long lasting collaboration network among the industrial associations of the different sectors involved and with EU regulatory authorities and standardization bodies with the support of A.SPIRE and CEN/CENELEC.


  • CIRCE will be in charge of the coordination of the project, ensuring an effective and comprehensive administrative, financial and legal management to guarantee the successful execution of the project.
  • CIRCE will support and coordinate the SPIRE sectors in the analysis of the main regulatory barriers and standardization needs.
  • CIRCE will develop a methodology to facilitate the cross sectorial technology transfer of solutions from different SPIRE sectors.
  • CIRCE will lead relevant tasks related with the production of the project dissemination materials.


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