INDUCE - Towards a sustainable agro-food INDUstry: Capacity building programmes in Energy efficiency

  • Dates: February 2018 – July 2020
  • Leader: CIRCE
  • Grant agreement number: 785047
  • Financed by



The INDUCE project will deliver a methodology for the implementation of capacity building programmes in energy efficiency based on a Human-Centered Design approach.

INDUCE methodology will link knowledge transfer on energy efficiency with behavioural and organizational change models, so an energy culture and an environment conducive for change are established in the company, while employees are motivated to act in a more sustainable manner. Unique about this methodology is that it will follow a Human-Centered Design approach, in which every phase will be conducted in close cooperation with the end users of the capacity building programme. This will enable INDUCE to interact and test together with the companies the best interventions, measures, etc. to be implemented.

INDUCE methodology and toolkit will be tested and validated in 15 pilot companies from the food and beverage sector in four countries that represent over 45% of the EU companies in this sector: Spain, France, the Netherlands and Germany. In a second replication step, INDUCE community of trainers will be established by certifying 60 INDUCE trainers. They will be in charge of implementing INDUCE methodology in another 300 companies, hence increasing INDUCE impact up to 106 GWh/year of energy savings.


INDUCE aims to increase the energy efficiency of companies by means of the development of an open access platform (INDUCE toolkit) where training material, online lessons, guidelines and tools will be available for these companies.
Besides, INDUCE methodology will be integrated in the platform with the objective to design a specific capacity building programme for every company accessing INDUCE toolkit, resulting in ad-hoc training adapted to the company’s needs and opportunities.


CIRCE is the project coordinator, responsible of its technical, financial, legal and administrative management.
Regarding the technical issues, CIRCE will lead the development of the INDUCE methodology, which will enable the creation the training programs. Following, CIRCE will take part in the implementation and monitoring of the training programs in the pilot companies, as well as in the training of the coaches in the mentioned methodology.
Finally, CIRCE will also contribute to the validation of the INDUCE Methodology, and in the evaluation of its impact, in order to proceed with its improvement and update, with special focus on the national and European regulatory issues.


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