MAGNHEAT-LIFE - EAT - Induction oven with rotating permanent MAGNets for energy efficient aluminium HEATing


MAGNHEAT will demonstrate novel concepts of DC induction heating, representing a breakthrough innovation in the sector of Al extrusion.

The project will define actual requirements and specification for the MAGNHEAT prototype for continuous Aluminium extrusion. This information will be used in the design of the MAGNHEAT prototype system for Al billet heating.

Once constructed, the technical performance, environmental advantages and economical benefit of the MAGNHEAT induction heating prototype will be proven in a  large-scale industrial scenario.

Finally an established methodology for environmental impact and thermo-economic assessment will be used to gather quantitative results.

In addition, MAGNHEAT will contribute to identify and test possible updates of the “Best Available Techniques Reference Document” (BREF) for the non-ferrous metal sector.

Además, MAGNHEAT contribuirá a identificar y probar posibles actualizaciones al BREF (“Best Available Techniques Reference Document”) del sector de los metales no férreos.


MAGNHEAT project aims to demonstrate the first full-scale industrial application of a novel concept of DC induction heating furnace, to mitigate the energy, environmental and economic impact of metal extrusion process. It will be based on rotating permanent magnets for Aluminium extrusion, and developed through a combination of ecodesign and engineering, exploiting and valorizing previous R&D activities carried out by the project partners.

MAGNHEAT induction oven is expected to bring about:

  • Superior technical performance with regard to AC induction or gas oven, allowing to perform at one time billet heating with uniform T distribution and T profiles (taper); this means higher flexibility but also lower investment costs for producer.
  • Primary energy saving of 50% compared to new generation gas ovens
  • Reduction of up to the 30% in the time needed for metal, thus permitting to increase productivity, cut costs and gain competitiveness.
  • Environmental benefits in terms of primary energy consumption and pollutant emissions due to the higher energy efficiency


CIRCE will be in charge of performing the Life Cycle Assessment and Thermo Economic analysis of the MAGNHEAT production process, in order to ensure the sustainability of the outcomes.

CIRCE will lead LCA and LCC studies to analyse and advice the developed innovative technologies and novel processing techniques, aiming at contributing to the process design and estimation of the environmental impact indicators, as well as economic optimization trough LCC.

CIRCE will perform a thermo-economic analysis providing an energy-efficiency diagnosis and advisory feedback over industrial scale developments. Therefore, potential energy improvements could be identified and implemented, enhancing the global impact of the project.


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