NEED4B - New Energy Efficient Demonstration for Buildings

  • Dates: February 2012 – January 2018
  • Leader: CIRCE
  • Grant agreement number: ENER/FP7/285173/NEED4B
  • Funded by



NEED4B will develop a new replicable methodological approach for designing, constructing and operating very low energy new buildings. This methodology will be validated and enriched by the experience gathered in a series of demonstration buildings to be constructed in 5 European countries. These buildings will proof the feasibility of constructing buildings with an energy consumption target lower that 60 kWh/m2 year.

The variety of typologies and uses of the buildings as well as their location in different climatic zones, contributes to the results of the project being so broadly applicable across Europe:

The 5 demonstrators will gather the following characteristics.

  • 2.068 m2 in Mons, Belgium: several type of residential and tertiary buildings.
  • 5.214 m2 in Lecce, Italy: a mixed tertiary building.
  • 2.712 m2 in Zaragoza, Spain: Offices and R+D laboratories.
  • 314 m2 in Borås and Varberg, Sweden: industrialised single residential houses.
  • 17.576 m2 in Istanbul, Turkey: Faculty building in a University campus.

It is expected that the measures to be undertaken in the buildings will reduce CO2 emissions by 94% compared to a standard building and will have an impact on the energy bill which could be reduced in 9,6 €/m2•year.

NEED4B expects to contribute also to the standards, regulations and policies related to energy efficiency in buildings at different levels, on the basis on the experience gained by means of the demonstration activities.

The project will also deliver recommendations and guidelines adapted to different types of stakeholders: investors, promoters, owner, users, architects, contractors, public authorities, standardization bodies, policy makers, SMEs, etc. By means of these project outputs, these actors will be able to adopt the developed and demonstrated innovative, cost effective and high performance techniques, concepts and solutions, contributing to boost construction of high quality new energy efficient buildings


The overall objective of the project is to develop an open and easily replicable methodology for designing, constructing, and operating new low energy buildings, aiming to a large market uptake.

NEED4B methodology will be validated and refined by a strong demonstration programme, envisaging the construction of 27.000 m2, spread among five demo sites covering different climatic zones, buildings types and uses, what ensures replicability of the project results and guarantees their impact in the construction sector.

All buildings have a common target of achieving an energy consumption lower than 60 kWh/m2 year (in terms of primary energy) representing 65% reduction compared to current regulations and regular practices. This target will be possible thanks to the selection and integration of the most suitable set of innovative and cost-effective energy efficient solutions and technologies for each of the buildings.


CIRCE will lead the coordination activities of the whole project, achieving an effective and comprehensive NEED4B administrative and financial management to ensure the successful execution of the project.

Apart from leading the management and coordination activities, CIRCE also leads the tasks for the selection of the most suitable technologies of energy efficiency for each demo site.

CIRCE is the user of the Spanish demonstration site, which will constitute the second example of sustainable construction for its headquarters. Therefore, will be in charge of the design of the Spanish demonstrator, supervision of the construction phase, and monitoring of the building operation.

Among other technical activities, CIRCE will also take part in the elaboration of recommendations and guidelines for stakeholders.


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