R4R - Chemical Regions for resource efficiency: Improving research and cooperation in the areas of resources and energy efficiency in the Chemicals Industry

  • Dates: October 2012 – May 2016
  • Lider: SP
  • Grant agreement number: 319938
  • Funded by



The R4R initiative will start a focused European chemical sector cluster platform to exchange the best practices of ambitious, complementary and highly promising regional chemical and process clusters, essential to rejuvenate the European industrial base and make the paradigm shift of decoupling economic growth from resource impact.

Under the Regions for Resources (R4R) project six complementary European regions, each with their own local expert public-private-research communities, will come together for three years to actively and systematically engage in cooperation, development and integration of their research and innovation efforts aimed at improving resource consumption and eco-innovation in industry.

These regions are:

    • West Pomeranian (Poland)
    • Aragón (Spain)
    • South West Netherlands (Netherlands)
    • Port of Rotterdam (Netherlands)
    • NordRhein- Westfalen (Germany)
    • Vastra Gotaland Stenungsund (Sweden)


The objective of the Chemicals Regions for Resource Efficiency project (R4R) is to improve regional and international “Triple helix” collaboration on resource efficiency and eco-innovation throughout the chemical and process industry and, as a consequence, identify and foster valuable and pragmatic resource efficiency opportunities for industry:

  1. Analyzing and exchanging knowledge about successful triple helix collaborations within six regional innovation systems on three technology and knowledge domains (alternative feedstock, resource efficient processes and recycling of waste streams) to identify valuable and pragmatic resource efficiency opportunities
  2. Based on this analysis improving synergies between regions through aligned regional and European Joint Action Plans and innovation roadmaps to accelerate innovation on resource efficiency in chosen domains
  3. Promoting internationalization of the regional clusters and stakeholders through a European and international cluster platform on resource efficiency,
  4. Disseminating a validated R4R toolset and practical experience, for other regions and sectors to apply in the future.


CIRCE will be the leader for Aragon region in all work packages and will share and broker expertise and industry experience in energy efficiency, as well as Aragon’s new programme of Industrial EcoInnovation.

In addition, in order to facilitate implementation of the Joint Action Plan on a European level, CIRCE will be in charge of the
• Identification of key stakeholders and establishment of network cooperation’s
• And of the Knowledge exchange and cooperation between triple-helix members of the clusters, between clusters and other interested stakeholders


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