RINNO - An augmented intelligence-enabled stimulating framework for deep energy renovation delivering occupant-centered innovations

  • Dates: May 2020 – April 2024
  • Leader: RINA-C
  • Grant agreement number: 892071
  • Financed by



RINNO aims to deliver a framework solution that will help drastically accelerating – tripling the rate of deep renovation in energy inefficient buldings around Europe reaching an ambitious 3,5% yearly renovation rate in the long-run (5+ years).

The proposed solution will ultimately comprise an augmented intelligence framework for deep energy renovation in residential buildings  by (a) augmenting human intelligence through a ‘1 + 1 > 2’ approach on human-machine interaction and pervasive connectivity and by (b) introducing cognitive building capabilities. This combination will stimulate occupants’ engagement and will enable optimum and dynamic renovation planning, design, execution and post-renovation operational support. It will also facilitate dynamic energy, environmental and economic assessment of the buildings aligned with the concept of BRPs. In addition, RINNO will provide the flexibility of the one-stop-shop for renovation users, actors and stakeholders, by bringing technology, process and business model innovations together to identify, quantify and fill performance gaps and support the continuous improvement of buildings, while it creates a framework for revitalising the EU construction and renovation sectors.


  • Innovative, hybrid & efficient integrated solutions through an adaptive comprehensive repository of technologies
  • Improved building renovation planning and design for gains in cost, construction and installation time, occupants disturbance and building performance
  • Innovative retrofitting methods for decreasing installation time and occupants’ disturbance.
  • Acceleration and enhanced reliability of the renovation processes through an AR-enabled facilitating environment delivering real-time assistance and on-the-job training
  • Context-aware operational platform with augmented intelligence for real-time building performance awareness and any performance gap quantification
  • Advanced Renovation Workflow and Transactions Manager for controlling the respective processes and their coherence
  • Circular economy-driven business models (BMs) and financing schemes to stimulate deep renovation and market penetration of the RINNO assets at European level

Increased RINNO traction and revitalized EU Construction Sector by deployment, demonstration, validation and evaluation of the overall solution to large scale real-life demo sites


  • CIRCE will develop a LCA and S-LCA tool, able to calculate the total LCA of a building, thanks to the characterization of the different parts that compose the buildings
  • Projects KPI definitions
  • CIRCE will also develop guidelines on Circular Economy design delimitants, as well as the conditioners for building renovation