SAVE AGE - Strengthering Energy Efficiency Awareness Among Residential Homes for Elderly People

  • Dates: June 2010 – June 2014
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  • Leader: CIRCE
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As many as 1,5 million of people lives in more than 24.000 residential and care homes in Europe, making them important society and organizational group. SAVE AGE project is the first European International Initiative, recognizing the important potential of introducing energy efficiency among elderly, for decreasing energy consumption.

The SAVE AGE project builds upon analysis of the current situation, searching for technical, behavioural, knowledge and financial obstacles towards energy efficiency in residential and care homes for elderly people.

The action plans developed will be tested at some pilot residential homes located in the countries involved in the project, and a set of training activities will be developed at national level in order to spread the measures applied, the results obtained and the knowledge gathered.

All these actions are supported with communication activities aiming at raising awareness in order to change behaviour of homes staff and residents to become more energy efficient.


The main goal of SAVE AGE is to demonstrate the feasibility and existing potential of applying energy efficiency measures in the European nursing homes for the elderly.

Specifically, SAVE-AGE aims to reach, by means of a strong dissemination programme, 24.000 residences and care homes across Europe in order to achieve a more efficient operation of this type of building.


CIRCE will be involved in most of the activities of the Project, heading the development of the methodology to perform the energy audits, which will be used by the project partners in their respective countries.

CIRCE will be responsible of performing the energy audits in nursing homes at national territory, advising their managers in the implementation of energy saving measures, as well as creating recommendations and training their users and workers.

CIRCE will also contribute to the dissemination of the project, by means of the elaboration of workshops and training activities aimed to professionals from this sector, in order to address the highest number of European residences and care homes.


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