SCOOPE- Saving COOPerative Energy

  • Dates: April  2016 – March 2019
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  • Lider: Cooperativas agroalimentarias de España
  • Grant agreement number: 695985
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SCOoPE focuses on energy-intensive agro-food industries to implement collaborative and cross-cutting energy management systems aimed at reducing their energy consumption. This knowledge will then be shared with technicians, managers and institutions in both the energy and agro-industrial sectors.

To this end, the project will work with the updating of innovative technologies and techniques, whose effectiveness has already been demonstrated in other sectors other than agro-industrial, but which are not yet widespread among the sectors targeted by the project.

Furthermore, in order to achieve greater savings in the medium term, SCOoPE will take advantage of the synergies between the industrial entities analysed with similar characteristics and will use them to improve their energy efficiency jointly. For this purpose, 6 clusters will be launched to test the improvements in energy consumption and their associated costs.


The SCOoPE project aims to reduce energy consumption in the agro-industrial sector through different measures in the short and medium term. In the short term, the project will achieve a reduction of between 10 and 15% of the energy consumed in 81 businesses in the agri-food sector (drying, meat and poultry, dairy, and fruit and vegetable processing). This reduction will be achieved without leading to a reduction in production capacity and by maintaining correct socio-economic and environmental conditions.

On the other hand, the project pursues greater energy savings in the medium term with new economically viable solutions, specifically by developing the concept of “Collaborative Energy Management Systems”.


CIRCE will also carry out the adaptation of the TESLA materials audit guide (previous project founded on the IEE programme related to SCOoPE and in which CIRCE participated), to the SCOoPE sub-sectors.


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