TRIBE - TRaIning Behaviours towards Energy efficiency: Play it!

  • Dates: March 2015 – February 2018
  • Project website:
  • Leader: CIRCE 
  • Grant agreement number: 649770
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TRIBE project will develop a new energy efficiency videogame, running with real data from public buildings. It will provide a “controlled training regime on energy efficiency, administered in a very motivational way”.
The game will include the different relevant aspects for improving the energy efficiency in buildings. The barriers and drivers for an individual and collective behaviour change towards energy efficiency will be studied by psychologists and sociologists, addressing public building users, owners and operators.

Five pilot sites have been selected as a representative sample of the EU public building stock, including schools, social housing,,offices and universities from different climatic zones. Virtual pilots  will be developed, as well as avatars as an image of the human users of those public facilities.

Finally, a global solution will be packed to foster the creation of an IT ecosystem that, when combined with group behaviour changes, will result in a global willing of living in a more efficient society. This pack will be made available for the public authorities interested in improving their buildings performance, and will include:

  • An initial energy audit and diagnosis
  • The development of a virtual pilot according to the real building
  • An adapted ICT for energy efficiency deployment plan
  • A funding scheme merging existing instruments with “Cleanweb” solutions
  • A user engagement campaign addressing the specific behaviour change challenges.


The overall objective of the TRIBE project is to contribute to a citizens’ behaviour change towards energy efficiency in public buildings, through their engagement in the experience of playing a social game.

The game will be linked by ICT to real time data collected from 5 pilot buildings hosting around 1.300 regular users (employees, tenants…) and almost 12.000 eventual users (visitors). Besides these buildings’ users, TRIBE aims to reach the rest of the population, engaging more than 750.000 players by the end of the project.

The targeted average energy savings in the pilots is 24,8% of the current energy consumption.


CIRCE is the Coordinator of TRIBE project, being responsible for all management activities, and also leader of the promotion, dissemination and exploitation activities.

CIRCE will work with other partners in outline the different user behaviour profiles, establishing behavioural patterns and drivers for their evolution in a way ready to be incorporated to the game avatar, as well as in the definition of the general specifications of the game.
Moreover, CIRCE will lead the selection of the most appropriate measures to communicate to the players and apply in the pilot buildings analysing their effect in the game.

Finally, TRIBE project will be also tested in CIRCE’s building, which is one of the five demonstrators.


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