WATERLABS - Creating surroundings for experimentation in the city


Thanks to Waterlabs, the city of Zaragoza will become a great space for experimentation with new products, solutions and technologies for efficient use of water. Their impact will be visible in situ, in real facilities and with a real use, which will provide very valuable information to the companies behind these ideas. That way, they will be able to improve their new products, gather information on their impact to help future marketing, or simply detect new possible needs or functionalities that have not yet been covered, which could lead to other innovation projects.


The goal is to promote Zaragoza as an area for experimentation, with the aim of testing and proving the effectiveness of existing good practice, solutions and technology for efficiency and sustainability in the use of water, in terms of water and energy consumption. Achieving this proposal comes after reaching some secondary goals, such as: Creating areas for experimenting in the city and making them known in the sector, in order to encourage demonstrative and experimental projects, turning Zaragoza into a Living-lab and attracting innovative activities from businesses, universities and technological centres. Preparing and providing permanent areas for experimentation in the city. Attracting the most innovative agents in the sector and other complementary sectors to carry out R+D+i projects in Zaragoza. Promoting the R+D+i of efficient products and solutions for water and energy consumption (linked to the use of water). And, developing new marketable technologies with market potential on a national and international level



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