WELL - Water and Energy for Life in Libya

  • Dates: June 2012 – June 2014 
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  • Leader: CIRCE 
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Libya biggest challenge in water issue in this moment is to get engaged in transboundary dialogue and best practice in order to improve its dramatic situation.
The main goals of increasing the capacities of the GWA center and structuring and enhancement of the existing EU‐Libya support landscape in Energy and Water cooperation will be delivered by:
  1. Proposing a Research‐focused Triple Helix Governance Model(Government, companies and research) to enhance stability in the Country
  2. Supporting the participation of Libya in the FP7 and other EU related initiatives
  3. Knitting together all relevant support schemes
  4. Facilitating both the uptake of water and energy research areas and the monitoring of the performance and impacts of this cooperation.
The activities, covered by this call, are:
  • Twinning with research centres in Member States or Associated Countries in view of exchanging knowledge and good practices, disseminating scientific information, identifying partners and setting up joint experiments through short‐term visits or exchange of staff, meetings, seminars, and similar activities;
  • Developing training modules to build competency and facilitate the participation in FP7 of the centers located in this country. WELL will effectively plan, organize and execute workshop and knowledge sharing events, grouped in two cycles, one for regional workshops in Libia, and the other one for Mentoring Workshops in the other countries taking part in the project.
  • Developing the GWA strategy in order to increase their scope and visibility, to improve their competitiveness by enhancing their responses to the socio‐economic needs of the country and of the region.


Libya, by mean of the General Water Authority GWA, needs to develop a new policy on water resources in order to address current water deficits and to support future development in multiple sectors.
WELL project aims to strength the capacities of GWA while turning it into an international center of excellence. It will reinforce the cooperation capacities and research activities in Libyan’s water and energy sectors, by defining research priorities in water and energy to respond to socio‐economic needs, facilitating participation in the European water and energy research initiatives and inclusion in the European Research Area.
This will allow to GWA a better management of its capacity‐building in order to improve the country situation.

The specific objectives of WELL project are:

  • Better Coordination Between Policy, Research and Business in Libya
  • Enabling Better Participation in Framework Programmes
  • Enhancement of EU‐LIBYA S&T Partnership in Energy and Water Research
  • Capacity Building for Solving Specific Energy and Water Issues
  • GWA’s Strengthening and Cooperation Capacities Reinforcement
  • Energy and Water Research Results Dissemination
  • Fostering innovation in Libya through active participation of SMEs in FP7
  • Increase job opportunities that encourage gender equality in Libya, in particular for young scientists


CIRCE will cooperate with the rest of partners in the analysis of the current situation in terms of national policies and programs, funding needs and offers, and relevant actors in energy and water research technologies. It will also take part in the elaboration of training material and in the organization and evaluation of the Mentoring Workshops and Knowledge Sharing events. CIRCE will be in charge, in strict junction with GWA, of the Capacity Building in conducting energy research by means of installing experimental energy production systems, and training activities.


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