The Renewable Energy Integration Lab (REIL) features all of the major components that make up a micro-grid, from generation to consumption, including electricity storage systems and other elements to simulate a real micro-grid. The facility combines commercial equipment (generators, electrochemical batteries, photovoltaic modules…) with emulation benches (motor-generator bench) and power electronics systems supporting simulation hardware.

The lab is both modular and flexible. This means that the layout of the micro-grid in the lab can be easily rearranged to test different topologies, assess the scalability of a given solution, or propose alternative scenarios.

The micro-grid managed by CIRCE inside this lab can run either when connected to the grid or on a stand-alone basis, which opens up a world of possibilities for study.

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    • Types of connections: synchronous and asynchronous, stand-alone or connected to the grid.
    • Assessing micro-grid events.
    • Energy storage systems.
    • Controlling, developing and testing power electronics.
    • Grid stabilisation systems.
    • Inductive coupling.
    • Electric vehicle charging systems and their impact on different electrical systems.
    • Converters for renewable energy production systems.e.