Energy is an horizontal concept that applies to every sector and field of activity. Therefore, using this resource efficiently represents an opportunity that extends to all human actions.

Energy efficiency entails a huge array of advantages for society: It is a powerful tool in the battle against climate change, it boosts energy security and industrial competitiveness, and it acts as a driver of financial development and employment.

At CIRCE, we endeavour to share our expertise in energy efficiency with a number of industrial sectors, helping all kinds of businesses and industries to lower their energy consumption levels and consequently save money.

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  • Sustainable energy action plans

We provide technical, regulatory and financial support to draw up and implement plans geared towards achieving a more rational use of energy and integrating new renewable generation technologies.

  • Energy Simulation and Certification in new and existing buildings

We conduct advanced energy simulations and provide guidance on eco-design and eco-refurbishment in buildings. We also carry out energy certifications and technical lighting studies, and analyse energy invoices and electrical facilities to come up with measures to improve the building’s energy classification.


Near-zero energy consumption buildings in Sweden, Italy, Turkey and Belgium


CIRCE has coordinated and supervised a new methodology to design and build near-zero energy buildings, which has been put into practice in different kinds of buildings with varying features all over Europe.

Energy refurbishment for buildings in Zaragoza, Salford and Rome


CIRCE and several European partners have developed new air conditioning technologies, ICTs and façade designs to be used in a building’s energy refurbishment. They are currently being tested in different types of buildings in various European cities.

Energy simulation in high-efficiency bioclimatic homes


CIRCE has performed an energy study on a prefabricated concrete building in the Spanish village of Colombres in Asturias which won the Cantabria Excelente Award in 2017 owing to its special constructive and bioclimatic features.