Environmental and cost analysis based on the life cycle (LCA/LCC) of products, processes and services

The challenge of tackling major environmental problems such as global warming, which affects the entire planet, can be mitigated thanks to ACV/ACC studies, which allow us to progress in its sustainable development by calculating the environmental impacts and potential costs associated with a product, process or service, covering the entire life cycle. At CIRCE we offer:

  • Evaluate impacts in terms of environmental indicators, such as climate change, water footprint, acidification, eco-toxicity, etc.
  • Calculate the carbon footprint of products, services and organisations (according to recognised methodologies such as PAS 2050 or GHG Protocol).
  • Advice on ecodesign strategies for products.
  • Advice on obtaining certificates, ecolabels, and/or Environmental Product Declarations (DAP/EPD).
  • Emission reduction strategies and support in strategic decision-making and new implementations.
  • Economic evaluation of the life cycle of a product or service considering direct costs and indirect costs as environmental externalities.

With the expected results:

  • Evaluation of the environmental impacts associated with the inputs and outputs identified and quantified in the life cycle inventory, which provides information to better understand the environmental performance of the system under study.
  • Assessment of advantages and disadvantages of each stage of the value chain in order to apply strategies for environmental improvement, involving new modalities of more sustainable design, production and consumption.
  • Evaluation of the monetary flows of a product during its entire life cycle, allowing the identification of opportunities to reduce costs from the design phase to its end o


  • Develop

    Business strategies through clearer communication with the client

  • Identification

    Critical points in the value chain and detection of areas for improvement

  • Evaluation

    The monetary flows of a product throughout its life cycle with the opportunity to reduce costs

  • Valuation

    Advantages and disadvantages of each stage of the chain to implement environmental improvement strategies

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are a useful tool for companies seeking to accredit and communicate the environmental excellence of their products. Through them, organisations can transparently communicate their environmental profile and compare their products, services or processes with others in the same category.

Furthermore, EPDs provide reliability and relevance, as the whole process, based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) information according to international standards and quantifiable environmental data, includes a final verification by an independent third party.

EPDs are spreading to more and more productive sectors, with construction and energy being some of the most widespread, sometimes as a way to comply with current legislation and sometimes as a requirement to export their products.


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