RETROFEED – Implementation of a smart RETROfitting framework in the process industry towards its operation with variable, biobased and circular FEEDstock

  • Dates: November 2019 – April 2023
  • Project web:
  • Leader: CIRCE
  • Grant agreement number: 869939
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RETROFEED main objective is to enable the use of an increasingly variable, bio-based and circular feedstock in process industries through the retrofitting of core equipment and the implementation of an advanced monitoring and control system, and providing support to the plant operators by means of a DSS covering the production chain. This approach will be demonstrated in five REII (namely ceramic, cement, aluminium, steel, and agrochemical) with the potential to reach in average an increase of 22% in resource efficiency and 19% in energy efficiency, with a consequent reduction in costs and GHG emissions of 9.3 M€ and 135 ktonCO2 respectively.

Physical retrofitting actions will be mainly directed towards the core equipment of key processes in the demo-sites, although further retrofitting actions in auxiliary equipment such as those for raw materials handling and feeding are also foreseen, and new plug-ins will be integrated within some of these processes, i.e. a H2SO4 reactor. Digital retrofitting actions aim at improving the monitoring and control (M&C) systems by implemented new and/or novel sensors and integrating the increased amount of data and the new equipment in the control loops of the process.


  1. To increase the knowledge on REII processes by deploying advanced modelling techniques and implementing a new monitoring infrastructure in different steps of the production chain.
  2. To implement a circular economy approach leveraging on retrofitting for the introduction of by-products and waste streams as alternative feedstock.
  3. To adapt REII equipment for the provision and use of bio-based feedstock whether as fuel or raw material, thus replacing traditional feedstock for improving the processes environmental performance.
  4. To improve the control system of retrofitted processes in order to deal with a higher variability in feedstock while improving their overall technical, economic and environmental performance.
  5. To develop a Decision Support System for assessing the best retrofitting options and operation plan of the improved processes in order to achieve a high impact over the whole production chain.
  6. To ensure results replication and the exploitation of the retrofitting potential in REIIs through a retrofitting methodology, contributions to standardisation bodies and capacity building programs.


  • CIRCE is the Coordinator of RETROFEED, being responsible for all management activities and participating in the creation of the dissemination materials and in the dissemination activities related to the project.
  • CIRCE will lead work packages related with the demo-sites characterization, demonstration monitoring and results validation.
  • Moreover, CIRCE will also lead tasks linked to development of frits production process digital twin in the ceramic sector, development of both the rotatory furnace digital twin and the flame visualisation monitoring tools in the cement sector, and, finally, the development of a digital twin to support reactor integration and operation in the agrochemical sector.


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