SIRVE - Integrated system for electric vehicle recharge

  • Dates: September 2011 – December 2014
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  • Leader: CIRCE
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Along the project duration, a portfolio made up of 3 standard solutions (SIRVEs) will be developed, depending on the number of vehicles that will use the facilities:
  1. Individual facilities: unitary charging points for the quick charge of EV, located in private parking or public roads, companies facilities etc.
  2. Medium size facilities: medium size parkings (between 10-20 parking spaces) common in companies parkings or vehicles fleets.
  3. Vast facilities: Large open air parking lots at shopping centres, airports or resting areas in highways and motorways.
The operation of each proposed standard facilities will be demonstrated by means of the construction of two pilot SIRVEs, that will allow studying every type of performance and configuration designed during the project.
The two demonstrators will be located at:
  • CIRCE Foundation, in the University of Zaragoza campus: individual parking facilities
  • Service Station El Portazgo, of company Zoilo Ríos: Multipoint EV charging facilities
An adapted configuration to the scenario addressed will be developed for each of the standard solutions, and will include:
  • EV direct current quick charge (50kW), moderate charge in alternative current (22kW) and slow charge in alternative current (3,7kW).
  • Integrated Distributed generation (PV or wind energy), taking advantage of the main parking structure.
  • State of the art electric storage systems such as lithium batteries or supercapacitors.
  • Smart lighting systems based in high efficiency LED technology.
The different elements will be interconnected by a DC micro-grid that, depending on the selected configuration, will have one or more connections to the grid besides allowing isolated operation under certain conditions.
The demonstration, monitoring and measures recollection campaign will establish the requirements for the modifications to be made in order to industrialize the SIRVE units, in a simple manner, guaranteeing their reliability and safety.


The main goal of SIRVE Project is the development and demonstration of a portfolio of solutions to charge electric vehicles (EV), in which storing systems, distributed generation and smart lighting systems had been integrated.

By means of this portfolio of solutions, SIRVE aims to address several fields of application that cover from individual facilities for the quick charge of EV to vast parking lots where quick charge in DC is combined with slow (or moderate) charge in AC. As a result of the project, it is foreseen to industrialize and to bring to market the solutions achieved for the charge of EV, and to build up different ranges of products according to their functionalities and the established price at the market.


CIRCE will be in charge of the micro-grid and SIRVEs control systems models development, in addition to the facilities dimensioning and the electric components specifications (converters, storing, electric generation, etc.)

Once the pilots had been built, CIRCE will carry out a measurement campaign of the supply quality in order to evaluate the grid parameters in the demonstrators.

In addition, CIRCE will contribute in a wide range of activities within the project such as the characterization and definition of the scenarios addressed, the technical-economic feasibility of the configurations, or the SIRVEs modelling and adjustment.


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