We have a special laboratory for validating and approving IEDs and communication protocols. The lab enables us to run real-time tests and see how smart systems interact with the electric grid.

These tests are based on hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) techniques to reveal how a smart system behaves and interacts with the grid and what impact it has on the grid. This helps to develop, fine-tune and validate the systems before being set up in the field, or before marketing in the case of new developments.

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    • Control, automation and communication according to standard IEC 61850.
    • Configuring and validating compliance with IEC 61850 in IEDs for control and protection.
    • Assembling and testing LAN networks for substations and smart grids.
    • Testing advanced services on LAN networks (cyber-security settings, remote management services, etc.).
    • Automating tests on protection and control equipment using injection kits (OMICRON) and real-time device simulation (RTDS).
    • Grid modelling to study equipment behaviour in case of transitory events.
    • Testing the saturation effect caused by instrument transformers on protection relay performance.
    • Effect of transitory starting and stopping in converters, line energisation, connecting generators…
    • Studying the potential risks that connecting a new device entails for the electric grid.
    • Recreating and analysing incidents.
    • Other specific transitory events defined by the client.