BUMP - Boosting urban mobility plans


The first phase of the project will consist of a selection of the cities that will participate in the project and the constitution of working groups, formed by mobility experts. These groups will begin the tasks of advising the public administration, identifying the main obstacles that are holding back the design and implementation of sustainable mobility plans.
With the information gathered, a training course will be given to municipal technicians in charge of urban and mobility plans. In addition to the training programme, 4 international conferences will be held to promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge with other technicians from other countries.

Finally, four pilot activities will be carried out in each participating country (36 SUMPs in total). These cities will benefit from the technical assistance provided by the expert staff in order to implement the new mobility plans in their respective areas.

The new SUMPs will be fully aligned with the Integrated Urban Development Plans, promoting an integrated transport policy, a shift to a cleaner model and a more sustainable mobility culture, bringing together:

  • Land use planning
  • Energy consumption
  • Pricing Schemes
  • Public transport services and infrastructures for a non-motorised model
  • Charging and recharging clean vehicles
  • Health, safety and urban quality


The strategic objectives of the project aim to achieve a number of long-term benefits beyond the duration of the project, achieving them by 2020:

  • 96 new SUMPs
  • 250 municipal managers and experts trained
  • Lower fuel and energy consumption: savings of 450M litres of fuel
  • Improving air quality in participating cities by reducing air emissions: CO2 (-20%), Hydrocarbons (-10%), NOx (-33%), PM (-10%)
  • Health benefits: -30% of road traffic deaths. The benefits generated by less pollution are much more indirect and require a much longer period of analysis.)



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