CIRCE has developed two image-based tools focused on improving process efficiency in the high-consumption industry. By means of the flame visualisation tool, the combustion behaviour will be diagnosed and optimised in an intelligent way. The other methodology focuses on the selective detection of fouling of regenerative heat exchangers to optimize their maintenance.

Benefits obtained by this process:

  • Operation: Detection of malfunctions.
  • Cost savings: Fuel, temperature profile.
  • Maintenance: Detection of hot spots.
  • Security: Generation of new alarms.
  • Legislation: Emissions control.
  • Digitization: Progress towards Industry 4.0


  • Cost savings

    Fuel, temperature profile.

  • Maintenance

    Detection of hot spots and malfunctions

  • Legislation

    Emission control

  • Digitalización

    Avance hacia la Industria 4.0


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