The company, specialized in automobile parts manufacturing, has undertaken a project in collaboration with CIRCE Technology Center, resulting in an approximately 9% improvement in energy efficiency

The CEFA (Celulosa Fabril) plant in Malpica, located in Aragon, continues its journey towards becoming a benchmark in smart energy management. The company, known for its production of automobile parts, has initiated a digitization project alongside the CIRCE technological center to enhance its competitiveness by focusing on energy efficiency improvement through comprehensive monitoring of each energy usage aspect within the plant.

Through this project, which commenced two years ago with an energy audit revealing critical consumption points, CEFA has achieved a nearly 9% increase in energy efficiency by monitoring 85% of its Zaragoza-based plant.

How has CEFA accomplished this enhancement in plant energy efficiency?

This achievement was realized by deploying over 120 integrated analyzers along with production records on a SCADA system. This setup has enabled the company to enhance its understanding of energy consumption patterns, identifying inefficiencies and potential savings through the integration of more efficient technologies and the establishment of efficient production management to maximize the energy performance of existing machinery.

The Aragonese plant aims to achieve complete sensorization in a third phase, which is currently in progress. Upon completion of this project, the industry will achieve its goal of total energy consumption reduction.

This collaborative effort has empowered CEFA to access real-time plant data, analyze performance metrics, and make informed energy-related decisions to enhance its competitiveness.

This project marks another stride within a broader strategy aimed at improving plant energy efficiency and sustainability. Concurrently, projects are underway to enhance materials and incorporate Industry 4.0 processes focused on electric vehicle development.