The AgroBioHeat project will identify the necessary innovation niches and start generating a network of companies and organizations interested in launching new initiatives.


A key moment has arrived for the biomass sector: Expobiomasa, the reference fair in Spain, organized by AVEBIOM, the Spanish Association for Energy Recovery from Biomass. CIRCE will be present at the fair, this time with the aim of giving prominence to the use of agrobiomass (straw, agricultural pruning, olive stones, energy crops…), and generating a network of companies and organisations interested in participating in future initiatives.

This objective is carried out by AVEBIOM, and through the Horizon 2020 AgroBioHeat project, of which AVEBIOM and CIRCE are the Spanish partners. On the one hand, the technical conference they are organising will take place on 26th September at 10am, entitled “Technological keys for the use of heat with small-scale agrobiomass”. In it CIRCE and AVEBIOM will expose the need to innovate for the use of agrobiomass to be efficient and clean. The event will count with up to 8 companies and organizations that are already working on innovative products that will facilitate the use of agrobiomass.

Beyond transferring the need to innovate to the sector, CIRCE and AVEBIOM will make visits to companies that provide reliable and modern technological solutions, and also to companies and organizations that wish to support the AgroBioHeat project. In addition, the participants of the fair can go to the AVEBIOM stand to request a contact with any of the two centres. The aim is to connect interested companies and organizations, as well as to launch new solvent initiatives for the use of agrobiomass for small heat